Shawna has a passion for helping women in all stages of motherhood from prenatal to postpartum and beyond. She graduated from Massage Therapy School at PCI in 2006. After doing standard Swedish massage for several years, she noticed there was a lack of quality prenatal massage in the Kansas City area. While pregnant with her son in 2014, Shawna had her first experience receiving a basic Swedish prenatal massage. Like many new mothers, she struggled with “common pregnancy discomforts” such as Pubic
Symphysis and Sciatic pain. Finding no relief in the bodywork she received, she decided to study various pregnancy massage techniques to create – truly therapeutic pregnancy massage sessions that would help alleviate the unique discomforts that come along with pregnancy. This specialty allowed her to formally give “birth” in 2017 to Mama Bear Massage, LLC. With the goal to create more effective therapeutic sessions with the ability for Mom to lay face down and have as normal of a session as possible throughout her pregnancy. Since its creation, Mama Bear Massage has evolved from a Prenatal Massage focus to more of a Medical Massage focus. As time went on Pregnancy Massage clients became Postpartum and then Therapeutic Massage clients.

I opened Mama Bear Massage in 2017 with the desire to empower new Moms to take control of their pregnancy journey, by taking back the joy of being pregnant. I believed that there had to be a way to get quality body work while pregnant and I was determined to provide that. Here you CAN lay face down at any stage of pregnancy. Over time I began having clients that were seeking competent massage therapy that also included emotional healing and assistance in improving their quality of life.

What Our Clients are Saying: