Hi, I’m Shawna Patton the Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Mama Bear Massage. We serve Overland Park, Kansas and surrounding areas.

I opened Mama Bear Massage in 2017 after having an incredibly uncomfortable and at times painful pregnancy with my second. Despite my being in the Massage Therapy industry I couldn’t seem to find body work that truly left me feeling relieved instead of just “taking the edge off” of my discomfort.

After the birth of my first baby I was inspired to find a way to help pregnant mamas find some real relief that didn’t require them to compromise on comfort or pressure.

When you come to Mama Bear Massage you are able to safely lay face down at any stage of your pregnancy using our awesome orthopedic body cushions. We will work together to alleviate your discomforts using the pressure and technique that is best for YOUR unique pregnancy. I believe all Mama Bears need self care and support regardless of what stage of motherhood they are currently experiencing.

What Our Clients are Saying: