How early in my pregnancy can I begin prenatal massage?
As early as you would like. Prenatal massage is safe at all stages.

Do I need a note from my Ob or Midwife to clear me for massage in pregnancy?
No. Just please be sure to fill out the intake form and include any high risk factors you might be experiencing. This doesn’t mean I can’t see you. There are many high risk factors that I can still work with or make accommodations for.

Can pregnancy massage put me into labor?
No. The techniques used in prenatal massage of any kind are intended to have the affect of loosening connective tissues, restoring blood flow, boosting the immune system and lowering the stress response. There are some misconceptions that things like acupressure or foot massages can induce labor. Sometimes when Mom is “over due” massage therapy can be the help she needs to lower her nervous system back into rest and reset. The body reacts to the mind. If the mind is stressed, the body will be restrictive. When we apply massage therapy techniques, a calming environment and stretching as a way to encourage relaxation in a Mom who might be under stress from life or even just from being “over due”, we can sometimes see labor begin as a response to bringing the nervous system back to rest.

How long can I continue coming in for massage therapy during pregnancy?
Prenatal Massage helps prepare the body for labor through breath work to open up the diaphragms, stretching to get any built-up lactic acid out and massage therapy to loosen connective tissue surrounding the skeletal system. Due to these benefits, it is recommended to continue pregnancy massage until the baby is born.

What frequency should I schedule? If there is no major stress or chronic discomfort during the pregnancy Mom would be fine to schedule every 4-6 weeks. Around 36 weeks we do recommend every 2 weeks until baby is born as your body is rapidly shifting and changing at this point in pregnancy. Massage helps to keep the body aligned and relaxed leading up to labor.

What if I go into labor the days leading up to or the day of my session?
Please have someone call me and leave a voice mail with your full name and stating that you are in labor. The cancellation policy only goes into affect if I have not heard from you by 3p the day of your missed session. The fee would be the full price of the session that was missed. No further sessions will be honored or scheduled until the missed session balance is paid in full.

If I am currently lactating is it still safe to get a massage?
Yes. Sometimes if there is chest tenderness we will use the pregnancy cushions during the postpartum session to help offset some of the discomfort.

Do you use pregnancy cushions or one of those pregnancy massage tables?
I use a pregnancy orthopedic cushion system that allows Mom to lay face down throughout her entire pregnancy. It is designed to be able to grow with Mom through all 3 trimesters. This allows her to have as normal of an experience as possible in her massage.