How soon after birth can I come back for massage?
If you have an uncomplicated vaginal delivery you can return in 4-6 weeks. If you have a c-section you can return in 6-8 weeks. If you are unsure please feel free to call 816-509-4008 or email at with any questions. Postpartum massage can also be helpful in healing from other labor, birth or postpartum complications. Please reach out if you are needing medical massage postpartum to help address any post birth concerns. We can discuss your needs and if/how I might be able to help.

Can I bring my baby or child with me?
Yes! Keep in mind that this is time for yourself, so you’ll want to make sure you can truly relax with your little one with you. If you are going to bring your baby or child with you, please call ahead and let Shawna know.

What is a postpartum massage and how long do you consider someone postpartum?
In traditional medicine your postpartum journey is about a year long. For bodywork purposes we are looking at that first year in terms of healing. Supporting the body coming back to its balanced state physically, hormonally and spiritually. I use Mayan Abdominal Massage along with other massage therapy techniques to break up any post birth adhesions and stored lactic acid from birth. There are many benefits to postpartum massage. I have a more comprehensive explanation on my scheduling page under “Postpartum Massage”.

Should I wait to get come back for postpartum massage if I also want to see my pelvic floor therapist?
Not at all. Assuming there is nothing extensive going on medically, these two therapies can work wonderfully well together. Abdominal massage is often times needed in order to help the pelvic floor, psoas and periformis fully release. Please feel free to call 816-509-4008 or email if you have any questions.

What if I am lactating?
Postpartum massage can help alleviate clogged ducts by improving blood flow, detoxing the muscles and loosening the connective tissues around the ribcage. If Mom is feeling especially tender chested we can use the pregnancy cushion while she is face down. Everything on the table is set up to be able to be easily cleaned and sanitized in-between each client.