We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions from new clients and some returning client questions. Each section is titled in case you are looking for specific information. If your question hasn’t been answered here, please reach out via call or text at 816-509-4008. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before or after scheduling.

General FAQs

Location/Hours, staff?

Mama Bear Massage is located at 8131 Wornall Road in Kansas City, MO. Inside of Centered Spirit. Shawna is the Massage Therapist behind Mama Bear Massage and is the office Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:30am-3:30pm. Our last 90m session begins at 2pm.

Does Mama Bear Massage only serve Pregnant Women?

No, Mama Bear Massage works with all people. Their specialty is Pregnancy Massage, but our other sessions can be a benefit to anyone outside of Pregnancy. Please refer to our “Services” Tab for more information.

What is the best way to schedule?

We offer 4 ways to schedules. Call, text, email and online. It is highly encouraged that clients schedule their next session at the time of their last appointment. We have found that this is th e most consistent way to keep you on a regular schedule, if that is something you are wanting or needing. Only certain sessions are available online as some sessions require 3 appointments booked at once. All new clients are scheduled as 90 minutes sessions to allow for plenty of time to discuss history/intake form, goals for the session etc. Our calendar is sometimes a bit full. If you find you are having difficulty finding an appointment, please call or text us so that we can help.
Phone: 816-509-4008
Email: shawnapatton@mamabearmassagekc.com

Do you offer Gift Cards?

We no longer offer Gift Cards or Packages. Our system is also not set up to allow prepayment.

How do you accept payment?

The most common way we accept payment is through our booking system. Typically, clients pay at the end of a session this way using their credit, debit or HSA card. We can also charge your card through square and accept cash payments. Cash payments do need to be exact.

Pregnancy and Postpartum FAQs

Do you have Pregnancy Cushions or one of those tables for Pregnancy Massage?

I do. I use an Orthopedic Pregnancy Cushion system designed specifically for Prenatal Massage. It can grow with the pregnancy and provide support all the way up until birth. This cushion allows clients who are experiencing a pregnancy with no complications the ability to lay face down safely while receiving Prenatal Massage. The system can be shifted for supported side lying positioning as well. I also like to use this for Postpartum sessions as well. I find the support can help alleviate the discomfort that sometimes comes with nursing and lying face down on the massage table. It is also sometimes a helpful support post C-section as well.

When can I start scheduling Massage Therapy in Pregnancy?

As soon as you would like. Massage has many benefits in Pregnancy. The earlier on you start, the more effective the bodywork is. Regular Massage Therapy in Pregnancy can help alleviate nausea, insomnia, leg cramps, hips soreness, pubic symphysis pain, headaches/migraines etc. Please refer to our “__” table to see a fuller list of discomforts and ailments that we can help alleviate in Pregnancy.

How long can I continue coming in for Massage Therapy during Pregnancy?

You can receive Prenatal Massage throughout your entire pregnancy and up until you go into labor. The purpose of this bodywork therapy is to support your nervous system to be in and remain in a state of peace and relaxation. Shawna’s advanced training in Prenatal Massage Therapy and her apprenticeship in Awareness is Healing and Mayan Abdominal Massage provide her a more comprehensive understanding of how the Pregnant body is rapidly changing. Making her sessions able to help support Mom all the way up until birth, safely.

What frequency should I schedule?

If you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy with little to no complications, we recommend monthly sessions until about 36 weeks. Depending on client needs it may be suggested to schedule sessions every other week until birth. The pregnant body is rapidly changing and sometimes benefits from having the support of frequent sessions to keep the body relaxed and loose, ready for labor.

What if I go into labor in any way the day or days before my session?

No stress. Just send us a text or leave us a voicemail at 816-509-4008 with your first and last name and that you are in labor. From there we can find your sessions and cancel them. As long as we hear from you by 4p the day of your session there is no late cancellation fee. If we don’t hear from you, your card will be charged a full session rate. Please let Mama Bear Massage know ASAP as we might be able to give your session to another client.

How long do I need to wait to come back postpartum?

That depends on your labor and birth. It also depends on what session you are wanting to schedule. If your labor and birth are uncomplicated with a vaginal delivery, you can return 3-4 weeks for general massage. If you have a C-section with no other procedures needed, you can return in 6-8 weeks.

If I am currently lactating is that still okay to get a Massage? Can I bring my newborn with me?

Absolutely. At Mama Bear Massage we like to offer the pregnancy cushion for comfort on sometimes tender breast tissue for our Postpartum clients. If your session will run up against your usual nursing time or pumping time please let us know when you book or give us a call so we can schedule you with some additional time alone in the office to do either one. You are welcome to bring baby in with you if you would like to. For general massage this is always okay as long as Mom feels she can relax. Massage Therapy can help with clogged ducts as well as other nursing challenges such as upper back tension and help improve lactation.