Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes, $95 | 75 minutes, $110 | 90 minutes, $125 

Pregnancy leaving you miserable? Do you need to hurt less, and feel better so you can get back to enjoying this journey? You have come to the right place! Here you CAN lay face down on our cushions for massage at any stage of pregnancy. There are no restrictions on how early or late in pregnancy. This is my SPECIALTY!

Fertility Massage

90-75 minutes, $130

Fertility Massage is an amazing therapy for ALL women. Whether you are trying to conceive, starting your IVF or other Fertility treatment or are suffering from debilitating reproductive pain such as PCOS or ENDO (but not limited to). Fertility Massage is not like your typical Therapeutic Massage. This technique works a lot with detoxing the body, breaking up scar tissue and making life style changes. It has been shown to bolster the effects of IVF treatment and in some cases assisting in breaking down tissues in the reproductive organs that can cause extreme discomfort. Your first session is 90 minutes long to provide for a more in depth intake. After that each session is 75 minutes long. Depending on your needs we will discuss things that can be done at home to increase your results.

Therapeutic Massage

 60 minutes, $95 | 75 minutes, $110 | 90 minutes, $125

Not pregnant? No problem! My passion is providing mental, physical and emotional stress relief for Women just like YOU at any stage of life. We do offer Therapeutic ONLY Massage Sessions for Male clients.

We are LGBTQ friendly.


75 minutes, $80

Reiki is an energy healing technique believed to gently bring the body, mind and soul into alignment. Its an ancient healing art meaning “Universal Life Energy”. Gently alleviating both chronic and acute pain.  Reiki can also help with mental and emotional blockages that one may experience off and on throughout life.

Add On

15m Focus: Add an extra 15 minutes to any Massage session for a little extra R&R or for focus on a specific area

Crystal Face Massage: This is not your regular face massage! Service includes the use of Frankincense, Lavender and a Rose infused carrier oil so please let me know if you have any allergies and we can customize
this session to fit your unique comfort. Using a smooth crystal we will work to loosen tightness in the jaw and face. This is a really great way to elevate your experience as well as gain some relief from headaches, neck tension, TMJ and other common head/neck and face discomforts. This service adds an additional 5 minutes to your session time.

Lemongrass Foot scrub: Leave feeling like you are walking on clouds with soft, relaxed feet. This session is also good for Women who are experiencing any swelling in the calves, feet and ankles. This service adds an additional 15m to your session time.

Reflexology: Walk away with a deeper sense of relaxation and all over comfort from the “ground/feet” up. This service adds an additional 20 minutes to your session time.

**All add ons are safe during Pregnancy. However not all add ons are appropriate or possible with every service.**


All sessions are 90m, $150

In Hospital Massage

In hospital massage are great for recovering from birth or surgery and women on bed rest. If you are needing massage in a hospital in KS I will need your physician to back your request per state requirements.