I’ve been seeing Shawna for massage therapy for several months, and she’s TOPS!  I have quite a bit of fascial tightness, which she was able to diagnose and focus her therapy on.  She’s a knowledgeable professional who does her utmost to tailor her interventions to the specific needs of her clients.  She’s patient and takes her time during each session; rather than rushing through several areas, she evaluates tissue tension and focuses on those areas that appear to most need her therapeutic touch.

Her commitment to client comfort extends to such pleasant touches as a warmer for her therapy plinth, a glass of water at the end of the session, and subdued lighting to invite relaxation.

I always leave feeling better after a session with Shawna!  Thanks so much!

Carol H.

That was the BEST MASSAGE I have ever had!! It was worth every penny ! I feel so good and felt like it was so consistent and just the right amount of pressure. Would highly recommend to anyone!!!

Bobbi Youngman

Shawna is much more than a massage therapist – she is a healer. A few words that describe her: compassionate, intuitive, inspired, kind, and talented to name a few. Not only is she a fantastic massage therapist, she is a wonderful person. Anyone who crosses paths with Shawna, whether it is because she is giving a massage or just sharing some wisdom, will benefit from their time with her. I highly recommend Shawna Patton at Mama Bear Massage.

Jessica Tallman, DC

She is so knowledgeable about treating pregnant moms. She even has a special table to allow for more comfortable positions during pregnancy. I have been seeing her for a few months now. As a prenatal chiropractor myself and being pregnant, I would highly recommend her. I will continue to see her throughout my pregnancy and after.

Madison Gilbert, DC

Shawna Patton is a fantastic masseuse and wonderful human being.  She helped me with regular massages throughout a very painful pregnancy.  Each session was calm, professional and eased the pains that come with growing a human being.  I then suffered an Amniotic Fluid Embolism giving birth.  My heart stopped for 14 minutes, my organs shut down and I went into DIC.  This was a very painful experience to overcome.  When Shawna was asked to perform massages in the hospital, she didn’t hesitate.  She was compassionate and flexible to the challenging situation of giving a massage in a hospital bed.  Due to the 109 units of blood transfusions I received, I had gained about 70 pounds.  This obviously caused major swelling and pain.  Regular massages throughout my recovery has been one of the biggest reliefs I have found.  I believe in science and am grateful for all that it provides, but sometimes you just need a fantastic massage to get things moving and feel like yourself again. I cannot stress how valuable Shawna has been to me and with every massage I feel a little bit more like my old self.

Meghan Jolliffe

I just got done with my crystal healing session with Shawna and I’m beyond impressed with my experience today. I can feel the areas that she worked on. I can pin point what I need to work on in my life for my energy to flow better. If you haven’t been to see her for energy work. You should really consider going. She is truly gifted in energy work.

She also gives a pretty bomb massage!

Krystal Booher

I started getting regular massages from Shawna when I was just a few weeks pregnant because I wanted to work with someone who specializes in prenatal massage. She not only let me cry on her shoulder about all the things I was struggling with in pregnancy, but helped heal my body with her soothing touch. I continued to see her regularly throughout my pregnancy and postpartum because she is so gifted and I love my sessions with her so much! I feel more energized and balanced after our time together and I plan to continue seeing her going forward. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!

Angela Watson Robertson