Shawna Patton is a fantastic masseuse and wonderful human being.  She helped me with regular massages throughout a very painful pregnancy.  Each session was calm, professional and eased the pains that come with growing a human being.  I then suffered an Amniotic Fluid Embolism giving birth.  My heart stopped for 14 minutes, my organs shut down and I went into DIC.  This was a very painful experience to overcome.  When Shawna was asked to perform massages in the hospital, she didn’t hesitate.  She was compassionate and flexible to the challenging situation of giving a massage in a hospital bed.  Due to the 109 units of blood transfusions I received, I had gained about 70 pounds.  This obviously caused major swelling and pain.  Regular massages throughout my recovery has been one of the biggest reliefs I have found.  I believe in science and am grateful for all that it provides, but sometimes you just need a fantastic massage to get things moving and feel like yourself again. I cannot stress how valuable Shawna has been to me and with every massage I feel a little bit more like my old self.